“Drummer Nick Marko is right on point on this song [“Hate Your Smile”] as well, serving up a killer rolling drum track at just the right times, that keeps the song barreling along, driving it right through the intense conclusion.”
-Revolt Media (formerly Running With Scissors Magazine) review for The Holy Fire’s In the Name of the World

“Drummer Nick Marko drives his drums like a rental with 16th notes, his flutter kicks and stop start dynamics pushing the music to great results.”
-Amplifier Magazine’s review of The Holy Fire’s self-titled EP

“[T]hey do have…a good sound, good lyrics, and a money drummer, Nick Marko.”
-Transform Online review for Leaving Rouge’s Elsewhere on Greyday

“From the moment the tip of the drumstick touched the head of the snare it had me. The opening drum beat alone of The Holy Fire’s debut self-titled EP was enough to catch my interest…”
-Cloak and Dagger review of The Holy Fire’s self-titled EP